How To Make Money In Viridian

Viridian reps.: Are you devoted to developing a large business? If you are, dig into this article now.

If you seek to become a top earner, you need a way to promote to thousands of people- not just to the small number of friends and family network marketers are taught to approach.

You absolutely need to learn the #1 skill of all top earners: marketing to massive numbers of people at a time.

Read the rest of this article to learn several strategies top 2% earners are using to build large and lucrative businesses:

– Diversify Your Income Streams

Add other revenue sources to your Viridian business. Depending your business solely on Viridian is risky. Your very best people might one day walk away from your business. Market demand might weaken for your Viridian product line. Viridian management could take the company in a direction you don’t like.

Adding diversity to your revenue lowers risk. When you diversify your revenue, be sure to do it in a way that does not distract you from your Viridian business.

Multiple options exist to add new sources of revenue:

Become an affiliate marketer. Become an affiliate of the marketing services, systems and courses you use in your business. Select the best products you use and promote them. Your reputation is at stake, so only promote affiliate products you feel good about. Generally you get paid commissions of twenty to sixty percent.

You can also transform your content into products. Record the webinars you do and turn them into products. Gather a set of your videos and sell them as a course. Make an ebook out of your written blog posts.

One-on-one coaching is another revenue stream you can add to your business. As your expertise grows, you can raise your coaching prices and be more selective about whom you coach.

– Make Use Of Social Media

Social websites are those that facilitate social interaction between content creators and readers. Collectively, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have over a billion users! That’s a lot of potential traffic to your websites.

Surprisingly, the large majority of social media users are adults, not children or teenagers. You must have a social media strategy for your Viridian business. Otherwise you will be left behind.

Reps in companies like Viridian usually use social media the wrong way. Over-eager distributors throw content onto the social media sites that’s far too promotional and hype-focused. Here’s how to use social media as a marketing platform for your Viridian opportunity:

– Using social media correctly is almost like being at a party.. When you meet someone at a party, do you immediately start talking about your Viridian opportunity? No. Then don’t do it on social media sites. You should not lead with your Viridian venture on social media sites.

– Focus first on connecting with people. Build a relationship.

– Position yourself as a trusted authority by posting only valuable instructional content on social media sites.

– Under no circumstances is it OK to spam about your opportunity on someone’s Facebook wall. Your Youtube videos should focus on teaching, not on promoting some opportunity.

– Your strategy on social media should be to lead with value. Training that educates network marketers how to grow their income. Videos that are educational, not hype.

– If you are consistent in your social media marketing efforts, some people will regard you as a leader and join your business.

– Diversify Your Traffic Sources

The Internet is a great place to generate leads for your Viridian business. Start by focusing on one and only way to generate leads on the Internet. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Overwhelm is one of the biggest problems I see new marketers face.

Longer term, you need to add more traffic sources. You can attract leads for your Viridian business from Facebook ads, videos on Youtube, or articles on your blog.

Master one source of website traffic, then add other traffic sources thereafter. That way, if a traffic source declines, you have other traffic to generate leads for your business.

Some traffic sources will convert more effectively than other sources into new sign ups. Get good at sponsoring people into Viridian who hit your website from various traffic sources.

Be just like an investor with a portfolio of various stocks, not only one stock. You reduce risk by having a variety of traffic sources. But remember: Only start with a single traffic source for your Viridian opportunity, unless you want to get overwhelmed!

Ricardo Interpemian has taught thousands of people how to grow businesses like Viridian.

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