Improve Your Nuskin Profits

Nuskin reps.: Do you want to know what it takes to become a top income earner?

If you wish to become a top earner, the way to do it is to implement a promotional plan that puts your message in front of thousands of people – not merely a handful of friends, family members and people you know.

You absolutely need to learn the #1 skill of all top earners: marketing to massive numbers of people at a time.

Below are 3 strategies 7-figure earners taught me I have successfully used to take my business to an entirely new level:

– Promote Online

Marketing effectively on the Internet is vital to the success of your Nuskin enterprise. There are a lot of advantages to marketing online:

– Massive world-wide reach

– You can generate lots of leads

– The potential to automate your online marketing so you free up your time

– Month-to-month online marketing expenses can be moderate

New marketers in companies like Nuskin usually just spam online. Get in on the ground floor! We have a groundbreaking comp. plan! Our products are great! This type of stuff is just hype and spam.

No one on the Internet cares about your company, its products or your comp. plan. What networkers in companies like Nuskin want are solutions to their pressing business problems. They want to know how to generate leads. Network marketers want more revenue. Networkers would like to have better retention. Network marketers want higher levels of duplication from their teams.

Concentrate your marketing on solving the challenges other networkers face. To give you some examples:

– Create a blog that teaches how network marketers can alleviate their attrition problem.

– Shoot short videos that teach how to boost duplication.

– Create a PDF report on how to generate leads. Allow your Facebook fans to download it.

When you solve other network marketers’ needs, many of your followers will regard you as a leader. Some of your followers will want to sign up for your Nuskin opportunity.

– Sell Yourself First. Advertise Your Company Second.

People in companies like Nuskin who try to market online mistakenly lead with their opportunity. They fail to understand people aren’t looking for a business like Nuskin to get started with. There’s only one thing they’re really looking for: A leader that can assist them to reach their goals.

Differentiate by emphasizing the skills, talents and value you can offer prospects. Don’t just promote your business opportunity! On the web, practically all home business owners attempt to hard sell individuals on their business. These network marketers hype about how great the comp plan, products and management team are. Most of these networkers have no clue that others could care less about these nuances.

Establish yourself through your marketing as a leader that can assist others to grow their businesses. Offer free training by means of video tutorials and articles or blog posts. Do webinars. Train. Then folks will respect you as the leader they seek. Many of these people are going to seek you out to join your Nuskin business.

– Follow A Better Path

In Nuskin and other network marketing companies, reps are instructed to:

– Write down the names of people you know

– Approach these people. Pitch your Nuskin opportunity

– Find out if they want to join

Most people do NOT succeed with these traditional tactics. 90% of the people in your downline will quit within the first year. most will never make money.

These old school strategies have major shortcomings. Most people run out of friends and family to approach within 1-2 months. Networkers have no clue how to generate leads. This is why people fail in their business.

It usually takes 3-5 years to build a 6-figure income using traditional tactics. Very few people can withstand losing money for years before they make a profit. If you expect to make money, you’ve got to build differently:

– Acquire basic skills in generating leads online

– Promote affiliate products. This way you make money from the people you approach who don’t join your Nuskin deal.

– Promote something that pays a commission of $1,000 or more per sale. This way, you don’t need to spend 5 years building a big downline before you make real money.

Ricardo Interpemian has coached thousands of people how to build businesses such as Nuskin.

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