Which MLM Lead System? #5 Branding Yourself As A Leader

I learned the importance of reinvesting back into my business very early on in my Network Marketing career. I realised that there were gaps in my knowledge, so I enrolled on the necessary training programmes and bought e-courses. I also subscribed to a number of services to assist me with my marketing efforts and I have spent a lot of money promoting my own business and services online, not to mention monthly autoships!

The main obstacle that you will need to overcome to succeed on the Internet is to learn how to drive large numbers of targeted, qualified leads to your websites. You might have the best capture page in the world, that converts visitors to leads at a whopping 30%, but that is useless if you don’t have any visitors in the first place! 30% of zero is still zero! Many MLM Lead Systems have capture pages which convert highly, so part of the job is done for you, but you still need to learn how to drive traffic.

Your initial goal should be to bring enough money into your business each month to cover all of your expenses. If you are able to break even then it won’t be long before you move into profit and that is when the fun really begins! That’s not to say you should start taking money from your business account as soon as you are into profit, because this money should be reinvested for more training, promotion, etc. This will generate even more cashflow through your business so that the cycle can continue!

This leads us nicely on to today’s piece of advice! You might find an MLM Lead System that ticks all the essential boxes. The system might enable you to build your own list, generate front-end commissions to fund your marketing efforts, earn passive residual income and brand yourself as a leader, but what if it doesn’t teach you how to drive traffic?

You can’t force people to follow you, because they have to make a conscious choice! That is the beauty of the Internet because you can share your message with more people and give them the choice to follow you.

The major advantage of using a prospecting system is that you can generate front end income to cover your costs and to fund your marketing efforts. You don’t necessarily need to enrol people into your primary business to build your marketing budget because you can promote additional products and services through you sales funnel. I have spoken previously about how to add value to your subscribers by recommending useful products and services and these affiliate products will pay you commissions for sales you generate. And Voila, you have your marketing budget to reinvest and increase cashflow in your business! Remember that information about your business will only be received by your subscribers once you have demonstrated your value and you can do this by recommending products and services that actually benefit network marketers, increasing cashflow in the process!

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