Some pets are so beloved by their owners, the idea of losing them is almost unbearable. Although everyone understands the reality, for many people immortalizing a special dog or cat in a professional photograph is one way to keep them alive forever. Pet and owner portraits can be even more special, but there are tricks to getting the perfect picture.

Most humans realize, when they are having their pictures taken, it is important to sit still. Animals don’t always react the same way. Photographers who are used to working with animals automatically block out extra time for the animal to get acclimated to new surroundings. Static poses require a certain amount of time, but dynamic poses can sometimes cause shoots to run longer.

The right lighting is critical for a good picture, but photographers usually fore go using flashes around animals. It startles even the most even tempered dogs, and can cause a cat to run for cover. Flashes are also the reason a lot of subjects end up with red eyes in their pictures. When outdoor photo shoots are scheduled, most photographers prefer to work before ten in the morning or after four in the afternoon. Natural light from windows and doors make interesting interior photos.

If the individual is requesting a portrait with the pet in a costume or enclosure, the photographer has to proceed carefully. Not all animals are comfortable wearing funny hats or clothing. They may not like the idea of being stuck in a cute basket or moving toy, like a wagon, either. If the photographer has made several attempts to take this kind of picture and failed, it may be time to reconsider the pose.

Dogs are especially susceptible to treats. They can often be persuaded to look attentive with the promise of a biscuit in the photographer’s hand. Owners know what works best with their pets and can bring special treats for good behavior. Roaming the studio prior to a shoot helps settle many pets. It is usually worth the time spent to let them sniff and explore inside and out before posing.

Instead of trying to get animals into specific poses or sitting them at uncomfortable heights, some photographers get down on the pet’s level. Other popular poses include pets and owners facing one another or posing together in profile. Taking pictures of pets and owners interacting makes great photos and helps show the relationship between them. Photographers often take dozens of pictures with different poses to get the most effective one.

Studio portraits require less time and effort, but sometimes, the greatest pictures are those when the subjects are caught in a natural moment. Animal photographers are always ready for the unforeseen. An unexpected interaction between pet and owner has a spontaneous and special feel.

If you have ever add a special relationship with a pet, you know how great it would be to have a photograph to add to your memories. Professional pictures can be even more special. The money spent will be worth it.

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