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History Of Georges Braque Paintings

Georges Braque paintings began developing a Cubist style after Georges met Pablo Picasso although Georges started out as a member of the Fauves. Georges’ and Pablo’s paintings shared many similarities in palette, style and subject matter. Georges was also often dedicated to quiet periods spent in his studio as opposed to being a personality in the art world.

Pieter Bruegel The Elder And His Paintings

Pieter Bruegel the Elder was astonishingly independent of the dominant artistic interests during his time, despite his taking the requisite journey to Italy for purposes of study. He deliberately revived the late Gothic style of Hieronymus Bosch as the point of departure from Italian mannerism for his own highly complex and original art.

Paintings By James Christensen

James Christensen paintings are done in a variety of styles. They range from the lush Saints and Angels series to whimsical and humorous works of satire. The former is reminiscent of European old master works, like Madonna and Two Angels. The latter is represented by Resistance Training.

Paintings Of Velazquez

Velazquez paintings are famous for their portraits, which rank among the finest in world art. Diego Velazquez was the greatest among all Spanish painters. Diego spent most of his life in Madrid where he was the favourite artist of King Philip IV, who let no other artist paint him.

Piet Mondrian And Francis Bacon Paintings

The most recognized Piet Mondrian paintings are abstract paintings of colored squares, rectangles and thick black lines. Piet Mondrian was a famous abstract painter, born in the Netherlands in 1872. Piet did not start out painting squares and rectangles. He only started so during the tail end of the Impressionism movement.

Durer Paintings

Echoes of Italian art are apparent in most of Durer paintings, drawings and graphics. Italian influences were slower to show in his graphics than in his drawings and paintings. Albrecht Durer was the central figure in the German Renaissance and one of the most outstanding personalities in the history of art.